Graduation Day 2017

Graduation Day was celebrated on 18 February 2017 to bid adieu to the outgoing class XII batch and to bless them for their success in future endeavours.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Kavita A Sharma, President, South Asia University as the Chief Guest and Chairman, S. Surjit Singh, Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Rasna Singh, PTA Executive Committee members and parents. The ceremony witnessed the invocation of Lord Ganesh. The teachers read from the holy scriptures to shower blessings of Lord as the students of class XII embark on their new journey. Parents were extended a platform to share their thoughts on the school’s cognizant role in the upbringing of their children. They expressed their gratefulness to the Principal and teachers for their pivotal role in preparing students for their life and challenges ahead. Class XII students reminisced their memories spanning through fourteen years of their schooling and expressed their gratitude towards their ‘gurus’ for shaping their personality holistically. They were in ecstasy to see their photographs garnered from different phases of their sojourn in the school and read the best wishes scribbled by their teachers within the silhouette of a bulletin board. The students of ‘Food and Nutrition’ Club prepared the savoury snacks for the day. Live music performance by the burgeoning singers and musicians of the school enthralled many. Mementoes, a token of love and affection were given away to students to cherish the memories of their Alma Mater. The event culminated with the School Song sung by the students in unison reinforcing the zeal to never deviate from the righteous path and to overcome fears with high spirits.

The Chief Guest inspired the students to tread on critical thinking and analysing to arrive at knowledge which will allow them to grow beyond their potential. The School Principal, Ms. Rashmi Mehta motivated the students to counter all their fears in life with courage and to be the ‘seed of possibility’. She urged the students to practise discipline in all walks of life even when no one is watching.

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