NASA trip


Educational trips took a new twist for class XII students of Mata Jai Kaur Public School this year. These students got once in a lifetime opportunity to explore America’s busiest spaceport and wonder how astronauts made it possible to conduct gravity defying expeditions at the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

The visit to NASA was a great learning experience which enriched the students  beyond their imagination. The educational activities at Kennedy Space Centre took them into a different world altogether. Students actually got to see the real space shuttles-the famous ‘ATLANTIS’ being one.

The most amazing  of all  was the ‘simulation ride’ in which the students got to experience the actual space shuttle when it is launched and leaves the earth’s gravity. Students also got to visit the APOLLO SATURN V CENTER, where they  were shown the videos of all the space missions that NASA had taken up since its inception. They were fortunate to even see one of the launch pads and had  the privilege to have lunch with the famous astronaut Don Thomas who has been on 3 space missions and hear him speak  about the type of food the astronauts eat while on board a space ship and how that food is packed and stored in the space ship.

They also visited the happiest place on earth- Disney World and experienced Hollywood’s movie magic at Universal Studios.  

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