Drop Everything and Read

Project Show Class-II

The Project Show of Class-II, ‘Drop Everything and Read’ was held in the school auditorium on 30 December 2017. The chief guest of the show was Mr. K.T.S Tulsi along with the guest of honour Gp. Cap Dr Piyush Prakash.The school Chairman S. Surjit Singh ji and Vice Chairperson mam Mrs. Rasna Singh Ji graced the occasion with their benign presence. The programme commenced with the rendition of soulful shabad. The riveting tale of ‘Twinklinka’ performed by the dynamic students of classes II-A & B spellbound the audience. It centered around the growing inclination of the present generation towards technology leading to diminishing interest in books. With their thought provoking performance, students invigorated the lost spark of books among the enthusiastic audience. The next enactment 'Count your Blessings’ staged by the vibrant students of classes -II- C & D was a gripping tale. A little mouse carving its way, surviving the obstacles and finally realising all the blessings he has been bestowed with all through the while created a majestic aura. Bidding a warm adieu to this eventful year, the little ones danced on the song ‘Happy New Year’, filling everyone's heart with joy and merriment. Ms. Amita Gupta, Headmistress delivered the vote of thanks. The chief guest overwhelmed with the performances highlighted the importance of good communication skills and congratulated the teachers  as well as students for putting up such an effortless show.

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