Taapsee Pannu Revisits Her Alma Mater:

Mata Jai Kaur Public School

It was a proud moment for Mata Jai Kaur Public School on 26th May 2017, to host their alumni, the software engineer turned actress Taapsee Pannu.

She was heartily welcomed by Chairman Sardar Surjit Singh Ji, Vice Chairperson Rasna Singh Ji, Principal Ms. Rashmi Mehta, her teachers who had taught her over the years, members of the school alumni and students.

In her address, Taapsee Pannu inspired the students to engage themselves in every activity in school and use every opportunity to refine their acumen & talents and to never give up. She related this with her own experience in MJKPS, her alma mater, where she participated actively in debate, declamation, dance, dramatics and various sports activities with her resilient spirit to make a mark in every area.

She struck a great cord with the audience when she narrated her journey of having to strike a balance between managing excellence in academics on one hand and grabbing hold of every opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities on the other, a feat that ended with her being elected the head girl of the school.

She inspired students to always look for alternatives and find a way through difficulties. She witnessed the Karate summer camp demonstration by the students and encouraged them to motivate others to enroll for self-defense training as a way to develop confidence.

She expressed her love for studying and insisted that it was a myth that actors cannot be academicians. She inspired students to study with fervor since it adds to one’s persona and confidence. She credited her alma mater for imbuing her with such confidence and values.

The Principal Ms Rashmi Mehta thanked her for completing the circle and wished her in her journey as a change maker in society.

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