I believe education is the greatest enabler and value creator in our lives.

To me, education, essentially, must draw from connections with real life, and be embedded in the persona and not in marks alone. It must generate learners for life, who not only have the ability to find a ‘job’, but also make a great co-workers, reliable friends, sporting teammates, be a generous son/daughter, a responsible citizen. Time has strengthened my faith in collaborative learning, and the power of Inspiration in creating desire in individuals to maximize their potential.

It is our endeavor at MJKPS to encourage students to be engaged in learning skills for life in the true spirit of the school’s motto “ Shubh karman tey kabhun naa taro”. I together with my team of management and staff will continue to add opportunities for the growth of every member of the school.

I urge all my students to utilize the various activities offered as a part of the school curriculum with zest and sense of commitment. I look forward to each student engaging in every area, academic and co-curricular with the will to better her/his own self. I am certain that parents will support us, as always.

Best wishes to all my staff members and students for a joyful and fulfilling session.

Ms. Rashmi Mehta


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